Through the leasing of tractors and farm equipment for small and big farms, Sapphire Solution Limited has launched farming equipment leasing and rental services to offer easy access to farm mechanization solutions

More than 80% of India’s land is owned by small and marginal farmers, who might not be able to buy tractors or other farm equipment. Through its Farmer-2-Farmer platform, Sapphire Solution Services fills in this vacuum by linking these farmers with owners of tractors and other equipment.

The recent modernization of tractors and farming machinery is a result of technological and digital improvement. Now you may easily rent agricultural equipment from us if your tractor is old or you don’t possess a lot of equipment. We can assist you in better and more successful land preparation, crop protection, and harvesting by renting out agricultural equipment.

The farm equipment that we are renting to you is managed and tracked in the most intelligent way possible with Sapphire. With the Sapphire Smart Kit, you can now earn more and save more money. With the Sapphire Smart kit, you can track your vehicle from the comfort of your home using an app, helping to stop fuel theft and unauthorized usage of your tractor. You can also monitor the amount of diesel used by your tractor and any associated costs and earnings.

Bridging the gap between the surplus and deficit agricultural landscape of the country.

Using technology to transform the agricultural scenario of the country and making the farmers digitally literate and productive.

Why you should choose Sapphiresolution

Fully Tested Equipment

Reliable Service

Affordable Price

Flexible T&C

Excellent Customer Support

Customer Satisfaction

“Farmers are the backbone of this country and we are pleased to strengthen all farmers with our agricultural equipment and services”